Patetarro [2016]

Animated Short Story about a little boy obsessed with horror and terror movies living in a little town in Antioquia, Colombia. In this little town, tonight, "El Patetarro" is coming to walk on its streets and alleys. Project created for educational purposes. No copyright infringement intended. // Cortometraje animado acerca de un niño fanático del terror que vive en un pueblo antioqueño. En este pueblito, esta noche, el Patetarro saldrá a caminar por sus callejuelas. Proyecto creado con propósitos educativos. Sin intención de infringir derechos de autor. Dirección, Producción, Animación, Diseño de Personajes, Diseño de Sonido: John Fernando Cataño Zapata Créditos de Audio: Stranger Things © Netflix, Legend of Zelda © Nintendo Special thanks to: Andrés Suaza, Jose Andrés Gómez & Juan David Camacho.

"Patetarro" is a project developed while I was in college. It revolves around a little boy in a small town in Antioquia, Colombia called 'Jorgito' ,and his belief of an old historical myth called "El Patetarro", that tells the story of a man-like figure that haunts the towns and destroys the farms with his dirty, rotten, nasty liquid producing leg that he drags around, everywhere he goes. 

This animated project was done solo in 2 months, and it was highlighted in Casa Solaris' "Kinódromo" in May, 2017.
Main Character Development - "Patetarro"
Main Character Development - "Bernabe"
Main Character Development - "Jorgito"
Main Character Render - "Jorgito" (Scared)
Main Character Render - "Patetarro"
Main Character's Scale & Proportions
Main Characters Color Palette
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