PRISMA [2016]

Animated short story about a trio of characters who meet in a train by accident and unwillingly and without knowing merge together into something that is beyond the three of them. Project created for educational purposes. No copyright infringement intended. // Proyecto animado acerca de la capacidad que tenemos los seres vivos de generar algo diferente cuando nos unimos. Realizado en grupo, con una duración de 3:30 min. Created by: John Fernando Cataño, Mateo García Duque & Juana Toro. Thanks to our professors: Andres Suaza, Jose Andres Gómez & Juan David Camacho

"Prisma" is a project developed while I was in college. It's about a trio of really weird characters that meet in a subway in the most bizarre way and when they do, they transform into something bigger than life itself. 
This animated project was done with 2 other partners: Juana Toro and Mateo García in 3 months, my role in the process was to create all the backgrounds, secondary characters, and animate them. And also, directed, edited and color corrected the whole short.
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