from skins original series, seasons 1 & 2
The actor's name is Joe Dempsie.  For those of you who haven't watched the original series, you probably should. 

This particular piece took me like 4-5 nights to finish, because that's how my vacations look like, so far sleeping from 4-5 am and waking up at 1-2 pm, and my girlfriend and the xbox take so much time from me, too. Okay, so now that I had a wacom I figured out it would take less time for me to finish vectors, but I guess I'm not quite used to it yet :D

So, this is a vector artwork and kind of a Case Study based on one of Joe's photos, enjoy!
Original Image
Firs steps on the vector outline/lineart
Lineart Done!
Base Colors and first details
Skin Gradients, Base Colors on Clothes and backlight (decided to go with cyan on this one because it contrasts directly with the orange-ish skin tone I chose)
Skin, Hair and Clothes Gradients and Highlights
Basic Shadows on Hair, Clothes and fixed some tones on the lineart in general
Finally had the patience build up to work on the eyes and hair, eyes first :)
:) _ :(
Started the Hair Highlights
... & here's the final Outcome
More Details! :)
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