Collection of illustrations both personal and for my graphic design career at UPB. During this time period, from 2013 to 2015 I've decided to collect all of my Illustrations in a single project, in all of these I've tried to challenge myself and try new stuff and ways to achieve my goals. 
Colección de ilustraciones tanto personales como para mi carrera de Diseñador Gráfico en UPB. Durante todo este período, entre 2013 y 2015 me he dedicado a recolectar mis ilustraciones en un único proyecto, en todas, he intentado retarme e intentar nuevas maneras de lograr mis objetivos.
· Unknown Date - Various personal and college miscellaneous illustrations.
October 13'
· "San Pedro de Los Milagros" - College project about the identity of a town in Antioquia, Colombia. 
· Unknown Date - Various personal illustrations.
May 15'
· "Autopsia" - College project about a strategy against beauty standards and society. ft. Diana Aristizábal, Mateo Rincón, Natalia Castro, Jerónimo Mejía, Daniel Martínez, Laura Villa & Natalia Marín.
March 15'
· "La Mentira" - College project about political lies, shown through satire and caricature. 
August 15' 
· "Luciérnaga" - College Project about colombian illegal gold mining ft. Santiago Henao.
October 15' 
· "Body Defender" - College Project about colombian students lack of proper sexual education ft. Santiago Henao.
November 15' 
· "¡Ay Papá!" - Unused Illustrations created for a college project about creating a brand and launching it to the local university market ft. Natalia Castro, Natalia Roldán & Santiago Henao.
· Unknown Date - Various personal illustrations.
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