FINALLY! finished after a 3 day rally, non-stop, almost lost a finger in the process. But I had to, or else I would'nt forgive myself for not finishing anything this vacation. So, yep, this is Vikus van de Merwe (Sharlto Copley) from 'District 9' waking up, going to the bathroom and feeling kinda ''humanish''.

PS: made for the "Extraterrestrial" contest held at vexelove in Deviantart :) 
POR FIN! despues de tres dias seguidos de estar metiendole ganas a esta pieza, casi pierdo un dedo y todo. Pero tenia que terminarla porque sino no me lo perdonaba, ya que no termine nada mas estas vacaciones. Asi que, si, este es Vikus van de Merwe(Sharlto Copley) de 'Distrito 9' levantandose, y dandose cuenta que hoy amanecio un poco mas humano de lo normal.

PD: hecho para el concurso "Extraterrestrial" de vexelove en Deviantart :)
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FInal Piece
Sharlto Copley, 'Wikus van de Merwe'
Working on the prawny eye
Needed a hand model, grabbed the first one I saw in the mirror
Finished lineart
Used Christopher Johnson as a ref :)
Added the prawn looking in the mirror
Started coloring, added shadows, highlights and gradients
Finished Wikus! added eyes, lips and details all around
A nice bathroom (CJ loves 'Puddi', gotta give it to him, cat food does taste nice... if you're as ugly as a prawn)
Added Wikus and CJ, fixed some gradients and such
Finishing details, some funny lines, and BOOM! that's it.
see you, space cowboy...
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